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We're In - Home lifestyle changing fitness establishment, whose concept is not only to help you look good but also assist in improving the quality of your movement, so you can function well and maintain a healthier lifestyle.
We bring fitness to your Home - Gym - Office Or Park.  

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 Our fitness training method (MpM) multi-purpose movement, is very simple, yet shown to work. 

Our Multi - Purpose Movement Concept:

Fat Loss, Muscle Building, Posture and Injury Improvement and Functional Movement.

“One benefit of training is looking good, others are feeling healthy and functioning well, with help of 180three's expertise, you get even more "

Meet Coach Lookman


 Coach Lookman


He's a Nigerian - American, philanthropist, entrepreneur, certified professional personal trainer, human movement expert, nutritional consultant and owner of The - Effort formerly known as 1803.

With his education and knowledge in fitness, he also have more than 13 years of experience in assisting his clients attaining their fitness goals safely. He does not take lightly his responsibilities, client’s safety and fitness goals. 

He believes looking good is useless if you can’t function well and approaching one's fitness goals in an unhealthy and unsafe ways actually defeat the purpose of fitness, this is why he focuses on improving the quality movement of his clients, while helping them to look good, function well and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

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