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Throughout your fitness journey, you will be provided
and supported with nutritional guidance and
advice to help you stay healthy and reach your goals safer, faster and sustainably.

Unlimited Nutrition Advice

& Guidance


 IS Highly Customized

Our program isn't one size fits all.
Every services we offer is highly tailored individually. We understand that everybody's fitness level and goals aren’t the same and so there is difference in our body structures and anatomy, that’s why our program is designed towards your fitness goals, based on your fitness level and health history.

We believe looking good is useless if you can’t function well and approaching one's fitness goals in an unhealthy and unsafe ways actually defeat the purpose of fitness, this is why we focus on improving the quality movement of our clients while helping them to look good, functioning well and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Coach Lookman

Watch Short Video Clips
Of What We Do

Action Speaks Louder Words. Train With Us And
Attain Your Fitness Goals Safely!

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The purpose of this evaluation session is to discuss your fitness goals. For your safety, injury prevention and fitness goals actualisation, we'll conduct fitness assessment to test your fitness level, identify any possible muscular imbalances and postural dysfunction that may prevent or delay your fitness results .


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One of our expert trainers will bring fitness to your home, Gym, Office or Park.

What is Included in this package?

  • Fat Loss & Build Muscle Through Safe Method

  • Posture & Injury Improvement

  • Unlimited Nutrition Advice Throughout Your Fitness Journey With Us

  • Flexible Bookings 

Starting at $50 - $100hr 

Online Fitness Class

Live Online 

Your session is conducted virtually by your personal Coach Lookman himself. Your program is highly tailored based on your fitness level, goals and health related concern. Even from the corner of your Home, in fact, it doesn’t matter where you are, your fitness goals are attainable safely via 1-on-1 online coaching.

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Who MPM program is suitable for?

Our multi-purpose movement program is suitable for anybody who want to look good, function well and maintain a healthier lifestyle. We assist our clients to build muscle sustainably, some focus on losing body fat, while other just simply wants to improve their overall health.  

"We Bring Fitness To You For Your Convenience & Flexibility"

Why choose In-home/Virtual/Online Personal Trainer?

  • You may have a busy schedule

  • You may prefer to train in the privacy and comfort of your home

  • You're not a fan of going to the gym 

  • You don’t like to train around lots of people 


Whatever your reasons may be, we have you covered, we'll bring fitness to you for your convenience.

You don’t need a home gym or a huge amount of space. A small room, or living room size or yard is all you need. 

If you have a home gym, it works!. We'll also work with any equipment you or your personal gym have. If you want to set up  home gym with few equipment, we can help you with that too.

Whether you are an early morning exerciser, in the evening, or on a lunch break at work, we will maximise your available time, while receiving the best personal training program.

Can I train with a partner or friends?

Yes! It's motivational and fun when training with someone of your friends. Contact us and lets get your training started.

What’s first?

Your fitness journey starts with an Evaluation & Consultation Session. This isn’t as critical as it sounds. It’s just a way of assessing your movement, posture, current fitness level and to figure out your training needs. A combination of strategic training program as well as a sustainable nutrition plan will get you to your desired fitness goals safely. Our program  is sensible, researched and proven to work. 

How do I start?

Contact us and schedule your Evaluation & Consultation session. We will organise a meeting place for a home visit. It’s also a chance for you to ask any more questions about the service we provide and we can discuss how to assist you reaching your goals.

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Our Vision

The - Effort LLC, is a lifestyle changing fitness establishment, that provides personalized in-home/mobile and virtual online fitness training services. Our concept is not only to help you look good but also assist in improving the quality of your movement, so you can function well and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

It's more than looks, fitness saves lives.  

Our Mission

As a lifestyle changing fitness establishment, your safety, wellness and fitness goals are our top priorities. Our mission is to ensure SAFETY while assisting you attaining your fitness goals within a realistic time frame. Our goal is to create a personalized, safe & strategic fitness training and nutritional programs catered towards your fitness goals not only to help you look good but also to assist you to function well and maintain a healthier lifestyle.


Whether your priority is to lose pounds, bulk up, or just improve your overall health, contact us today and let’s get started training.

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