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 Mobile Training

  • 60-Minute session  

  • We bring equipments to you if needed.                  

  • If you don’t have home gym or huge amount of space, a small room, living room or yard will do well. 

  • If you have home gym, it works!  We'll also work with any equipment you or your personal gym may have.

  • If you want to set up home gym with few equipment, we can help you with that too.

  • Flexible booking, whether early morning, in the evening, or on a lunch break at work, we'll maximise your available time, while receiving the best personal training service.

Virtual Training Service

   Live online personal training includes:

  • 60-Minute live online workout via Zoom or WhatsApp

  • Each live online personal training is with Coach Lookman directly.

  • Explaining and showing each exercise and movement

  • Coaching on proper exercise technique and how to use your fitness equipment correctly 

  • Adjustment to your speed, skills and physical abilities

  • Feedback, tips, lots of motivation and fun throughout the live online personal training session

For your virtually training to be successful, you need  a PC, iPad, or phone with an internet connection. 

All In One Package

  • Fitness & Nutrition 

  • Posture & Injury Improvement

  • Unlimited Nutrition Support & Guidance

  • Flexible Booking 


We are training our clients to achieve realistic goals and feel confident and good with themselves. Perfection is not our objective but a healthy and joyful life.

Unlimited Nutrition Support & Guidance

Throughout your fitness journey with MPM, you will be provided and supported with nutrition guidance to help you reach your goals safer, faster and sustainably. Just like our fitness program, our nutrition plan is solely customised.


We're available 24/7 to provide an answer to any of your fitness and nutrition related question.

Highly Customized

Our program isn't one size fits all.

Every service we offer is highly tailored individually. We understand that everybody fitness level and goals aren’t the same and so there is different in our body structure and anatomy, that’s why our program is designed towards your fitness goals, based on your fitness level and health history. 

My fitness training method (MpM) is very simple, yet shown to work. 

I believe looking good is useless if you can’t move well, and function better. And approaching one's fitness goals in an unhealthy and unsafe ways actually defeat the purpose of fitness, this is why my focus is to help improving the quality of your movement while looking good, performing at your best and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Multi - Purpose Movement Concept, is  a program designed to help improve your mobility, flexibility, core, strength and endurance while building muscle and decreasing body fat through safe and sustainable method.

“One benefit of training is looking good, others are feeling healthy and functioning well, with help of mpm's expertise, you get even more "

What’s first?

 Your fitness journey starts with an Evaluation & Consultation session. This isn’t as critical as it sounds. It’s just a way of assessing your movement, posture, current fitness level and to figure out your training needs. A combination of strategic training program as well as a sustainable nutrition plan will get you to your desired fitness goals safely. Our program  is sensible, researched and proven to work. 

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