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Some Of 
    Our Happy Clients

What Our Clients Say About Us

To learn more about what some of our satisfied clients say about us, check out their written testimonials below!

Satisfied Client

He teaches more than physical fitness, he heaches a lifetyle. Coach Lookman is the best. 

— Name, Joshua 


"My experience with was nothing short of amazing. Not only have I lost body fat and +60lbs, I have more energy and endurance then ever before. Coach Lookman has been very patient and professional throughout my fitness journey. If you want a specialized fitness plan that gives you the results you want try MPM you won't be disappointed"

— Name, Ms Armour 


"I've done it, they have done it, you can do it."

Coach Lookman

Dr Mesk

" My experience working with coach Lookman/180three is nothing but the best. Pictures dont lie"

— Name, Ms Mesk


“In first month, I lost  twelve pounds. I have noticed along with my colleagues a significant difference in my overall physique and muscle size. At one point, I was wearing knee braces for two surgically repaired knees but no more. His training expertise accelerates your progression and before you know you will have reached your fitness goals”

— Name, Michael 

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