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Growing up, I was very active and started playing sports at a very young age. I competed in track & field and played soccer in school. After high school, I continued to play soccer as a form of exercise because I didn’t want to lift weight as I thought by weight training, I would get bulky and have disproportionate body. As I got older, I found out that weight training actually play an important role in improving one's endurance, functionality, performance, aid in fat loss, help get stronger and improve ones overall health, so I added weight training into my fitness routine.


In my early days of weight training, I injured myself due to lack of proper lifting technique that led me to further my education in fitness, so I could help myself and you to train safely and prevent injuries.


My priority is to carefully tailor my client's fitness & nutrition program based on their fitness level, goals, and other health related issues, not only to help them look good but also assist in improving the quality of their movements so they can function well and maintain a healthier lifestyle. 


My fitness and a nutritional programs are guaranteed to get you motivated and active in a safe fitness environment that will give you the fitness success and healthy lifestyle you desire.

Whether your priority is to lose pounds, tone, build muscle, or just want to improve your overall health, contact us today and let’s get started training.


An Inside Look

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