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Not only do we want to help you look good but also assist in improving the quality of your movement, so you can function well and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

 We bring fitness to you for your convenience 

What You Get In One Package

when you train with us 


Everyone has a starting point, act now to take what belong to you, a healthier lifestyle! 


What People Say About Us



Absolutely phenomenal! Even with a heart condition, this Man has helped me transformed my body. I've beeb and 2 of my medication taken off

Happy Client

Ms Tamar

Not only did I lose over 40lbs, i'm toned, stronger and my endurance level has grealtly improved. I'm much healthier now. My Dr has also lowered my anxiety and depression meds. Thank you Coach Lookman 

Our Philosophy

We believe looking good is useless if you can’t function well and approaching one's fitness goals in an unhealthy and unsafe ways actually defeat the purpose of fitness.


Coming soon

 our activewear & hat line

we're connecting fitness & style

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